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1. How to make a reservation

To get a confirmed room reservation at AboutAnyHotel’s attractive rates just requires a very easy one-two step approach. You start out by browsing through our web site offers. Note that all our rates are per room and per night. Once you have located the hotel of your choice you proceed as follows:

Step 1. Submit a reservation request
You submit your reservation request by filling out our reservation form. This will imply selecting a specific hotel and supplying us with your credit card details.

Please make sure that all the reservation details are correct so as to avoid problems during check-in. Important points are the number of adults which intend to occupy the room, the nationalities involved, ages of children, etc. Please also make sure that the last name and the email address are correct.

The reservation form allows for special requests and we will always try to serve your special needs. The reservation form also asks for alternative hotel choices for the case that your first choice hotel is not available. We strongly recommend our clients to fill in these alternative hotel choices whenever they make use of our services. This will allow us to speed up the reservation process and allow us to handle your reservation in a more efficient and expedient way.

Our email system will automatically notify you that we have received your reservation request. If you do not get our auto-response email – typically within 2 minutes - this usually is due to the fact that your email address was not correctly typed in. Please go back to our hotel web page and resubmit your reservation, this time paying special attention to the correctness of your email address. Note that we can also process your booking through our email address at [email protected]

Step 2. Receive your reservation confirmation
Immediately upon receiving your reservation request we will proceed with the booking of your hotel room(s). If your booking falls within our allotment of blocked rooms, we will be able to confirm the room within the first 20 minutes. If our blocked rooms are sold out we will contact the hotel of your choice and reserve the room(s) for you within 8 business hours. If the hotel of your first choice is fully booked and you have given us an alternative, we will try to make reservations at the alternative hotel.

Once the room is confirmed, we will send you by email a confirmation detailing all the reservation and price conditions. At that moment your reservation is finalized and all you have to do is show up in the hotel.


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