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Partner Program

With the partner program of you can add relevant quality content to your website, and make money at the same time.

You can now register and benefit from today. All you need to do is create hyperlinks from your own website(s) to one of the destinations in our travel network. We automatically keep track of the number of visitors that click through, and the number of hotel reservations that your visitors make. The affiliate fee is 4% of the value of the reservations.


The advantages of our partner program are:
  • Earn commission for each reservation made by a visitor that came from your website. This can be hundreds to thousands euro's per month.
  • An extra service on your website. Your visitors will have access to top-quality content about hundreds of hotels in Western Europe with pictures, attractive rates, and online reservations.

What can I use on my site?

You can link in many different ways to, for example, but not limited to:

Hyperlink to the homepage:
Hotels in Europe

Hyperlink to hotels in one destination:
Hotels in Brussel
Hotels in London

Hyperlink to a specific hotel:
Central Park Hotel London

Banners/ Logo's for example:

Just make sure that your personal code 'p=your_id' is attached to each URL.

Real-time statistics

You can view statistics any time of day. An example of the statistics is shown below:

Period: 1 July 2005 - 31 December 2005
Number of visitors through your site: 120
Number of reservations through your site: 10
Affiliate fee
Paid until 1 December 2005: EUR 468,00
Commission December 2005: EUR 129,00
Commission on reservations after 31 December 2005: EUR 312,00
Payable after 31 December 2005: EUR 129,00.
Amounts are excluding VAT 19%.
Affiliate fees are paid after has received its commission from the hotels, which is after actual checkout of the guests.

Registration is simple

Start profiting today and apply by filling out the form below. Personal information is kept absolutely safe and secret. For further questions please send us an email.

Your URL
Your name

Payment information
Bank account
Name on bank account  


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