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2. How to make a change or cancellation

Please do NOT send change requests via email. Your request will be dealt with faster if you proceed as follows. The same applies for questions in general.

If you wish to make a change to a confirmed reservation or reservation request and the booking has been made through AboutAnyhotel, you should proceed by logging in into the Guest login section. To login you will need your email address and the password which we sent to you in the autoreply email within minutes after your reservation request. The password consists of digits and/or letters.

After logging in, you will see the details of your reservation, as well as the possibility to submit a change or cancellation request, and a form to ask questions in general. We will reply to your question or request as soon as possible (via email) !

If you do not succeed to log in because your email address or password is not recognized, please email us with your reservation request number so we can resend the password to you.


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