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  1. How to make a reservation
  2. How to make a change or cancellation
  3. FAQ - frequently asked questions
  4. Terms & conditions
  5. Security & privacy
  6. Privacy Policy

4. Terms & Conditions


1. Purpose
1.1 makes all efforts to find a suitable accommodation for it's guests. Our guests benefit from the special rates that we negotiate with hotels based on the high volume of our reservations. These terms & conditions determine the rights and obligations of and the client for the reservation of hotel accommodations and other services provided by Websites are operated by, see article 6.6.

2. Service
2.1 On the websites, we provide information concerning the hotels available: hotel classification, comfort and features, level of equipment and rates supplied by each hotel. A visitor of the website (or: guest) can make a reservation request for a specific hotel by filling in the reservation forms on the website. Filling in and submitting the reservation forms constitutes an irrevocable commitment of the guest to accept the reservation and these terms & conditions. The reservation can not be disputed except by abiding to the terms of cancellation as stated in Article 4.

2.2 Once the client has reserved, a confirmation page recapping all the reservation details will be displayed.

2.3 Reservations are processed by our customer service agents. During office hours, reservations are processed immediately; however, confirmations may be delayed as we are subject to response delay from the hotels (hotel closed, reservation manager absent or unavailable).

2.4 confirms the reservation by email or otherwise if requested stating the reservation details, name of hotel, booking dates, number of persons, hotel address and phone number, etc. Upon sending a confirmation email to the guest, the reservation is fully guaranteed by Should the hotel chosen by the guest have no vacancies for the required room type and dates, and the guest has indicated on the reservation form to accept an alternative hotel, will do its best to make the reservation at the alternative hotel as indicated by the guest. The guest accepts the reservation at the alternative hotel.

3. Payment
3.1 The confirmation email contains a statement with the total amount due. For some hotels the client needs to make an advance deposit which is a small part of the total reservation value. For other hotels, no advance deposit is necessary. In this case the client pays the complete amount to the hotel once he or she arrives. If we require you, the client, to pay an advance deposit as the guarantee of your reservation, it will be clearly written in the confirmation which amount needs to be paid in advance. The remainder is to be paid in the hotel once you arrive. The advance deposit is charged to your credit card by after the reservation is confirmed.

3.2 If you, the client, are required to pay a deposit, you may choose between the following credit cards: Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard, American Express, Diners. The client making a reservation must be entitled to use the credit card. shall not be held responsible for payments made by persons without such entitlement. The remainder of the total amount is payable in the hotel and it can be paid by any means (creditcard, cash, or otherwise) as far as is accepted by the hotel.

4. Cancellation
4.1 Cancelling a confirmed reservation is free of charge, except for any cancellation charges by the hotel. does not charge cancellation fees unless specifically noted.

If you already paid an advance deposit to, the balance of the deposit and the cancellation charge will be refunded. Furthermore, the hotel may charge a cancellation fee according to the cancellation policy of the hotel.

4.2 Under special circumstances, such as trade fairs, exhibitions and holiday periods, hotels may enforce special cancellation policies. This will always be explicitly communicated to the guest in the confirmation email and/or otherwise.

4.3 Cancellations must be made to the hotel as well as to We do not accept responsibility for cancellations regardless of the circumstances under which the cancellation is made.

4.4 We will not be held liable for changes or cancellations due to reasons or situations that are completely beyond the control of ourselves and/or of our suppliers. Examples are war or threats of war, civil strife, terrorist activities, industrial disputes, natural disasters, etc.

5. Reservation Modification
5.1 Any modification on the reservation is free of charge. It is possible however for some hotels that we require you to make an advanced deposit. This will be clearly communicated to you during the reservation process.

6. Legal notices
6.1 shall not be held responsible for disputes arising at the hotel regarding the greeting, level of comfort, rates, availability, quality of the product and services.

6.2 Should a hotel fail to honor a reservation after it had been confirmed, the hotel will be obliged to find alternative accommodations for the client and to support the expenses incurred. cannot be held responsible for any reservation accepted by the hotel, confirmed to the client and not honored by the hotel.

6.3 All texts visible on the sites and the terms and conditions are originally written in English. Only texts in English will be referred to should there be contesting from the client. Any legal procedure will have to be based on the English texts.

6.4 The customer shall indemnify against all third party actions or claims arising from any act or omission pursuant to this agreement.

6.5 All hotel accommodations listed on are approved by the relevant approval bodies. is in no way responsible for the standard of service provided to the guest by the hotel. Any disputes arising out of sub-standard service provision are matters to be handled directly between hotel and client.

6.6 registered office: Koningsdiep 29, 1509 WB Zaandam, The Netherlands. Registered Chamber of Commerce nr. 34176966 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Both parties agree that this contract is subject to Dutch laws.

6.7 Your confirmed booking constitutes a legal contract which requires you to pay for the reserved accommodation in the event of curtailment of your holiday.


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