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Going Out in London

Theatres | Cinemas | Music in London

Theatre Shows

No other city can compare with the number of theatres and the beauty of them (not even New York!). Most commercial theatres (West End Theatres) can be found in the area around Shaftesbury Avenue, Charing Cross Road, Haymarket and Covent Garden.

Tickets are expensive, a good seat for a succesfull theatre costs around GBP 30. But cheaper is sometimes possible, especially if you know about the Half Price Ticket Booth! In the tube station of Leicester Square, this booth sells tickets for performances on the same day. The booth is opened usually from 14:30 until 18:30. West End Theatres are closed on Sundays. Shows can be sold out months in advance, but you might get tickets from commercial ticket agencies, for example Edwards & Edwards (Shaftesbury Avenue, tel 734 45 55) or First Call (73 Endell street, tel 836 90 01). has a daily updated site with shows that are currently playing, including possibility to buy tickets online.


Leicester Square Cinema

Leicester Square is where new films premiere in the UK. Below is a list of major cinemas in Leicester Square (map). Listed here are the cinema's official websites so you can find out what's on.

Prince Charles - (Low rates!)
Leicester Place, WC2
020 7734 9127
Nearest Tube - Leicester Square

Mon - 1.99
Tues-Fri - 2.50
Sat/Sun - 3.50
Odeon Leicester Square (great website !)
Leicester Square, WC2
0870 5050 007
Nearest Tube - Leicester Square

Mon-Fri - until 5pm 5.00, 6.00, 6.50
Mon-Fri - after 5pm 10.00
Sat/Sun - 11.00
Concessions available
Odeon Mezzanine
Leicester Square, WC2
0870 5050 007
Nearest Tube - Leicester Square

Mon-Fri - until 5pm 5.00
Mon-Fri - after 5pm 8.00
Sat/Sun - 8.00
Concessions available
Odeon West End
Leicester Square, WC2
0870 5050 007
Nearest Tube - Leicester Square

Mon-Sun - 8.50, 9.00
Concessions available
Leicester Square, WC2
020 7437 1234
Nearest Tube - Leicester Square

Mon-Fri - until 5pm 5
Mon-Fri - after 5pm 7.50, 8.00, 9.00
Sat/Sun - 7.50, 8.00, 9.00
Warner Village West End
Leicester Square, WC2
020 7437 4347
Nearest Tube - Leicester Square

Fri-Sun - 10.00
Mon-Fri - until 7pm 7.00
Mon-Sun - after 5pm 10.00
Sat and Sun - until 5pm 10.00

Music in London

London is home to all types of music from classical to jazz , below you will find a small selection including information on London's Orchestra's and venues.

Coliseum The Coliseum is home to the English National Opera who perform works throughout the year except for Christmas and occasionally in the summer when the ballet takes over. All works are sung in English and you can get some good offers on tickets.

Royal Albert Hall - - The Royal Albert Hall was built in 1863 as a memorial to Prince Albert who died in 1861. The Hall was finally compelled in 1871 and can seat 8000. The Hall holds many events including rock concerts, but it is most famous for the classical music concerts that it holds including the BBC Proms, The Proms run from July to September.

London Philharmonia Orchestra - - The London Philharmonia Orchestra is based at the Royal Festival Hall which is part of the South Bank Centre. The views that the South Bank Centre offer along the Thames are worth a visit by themselves, but do catch a concert as well if you can.

London Symphony Orchestra - - The London Symphony Orchestra is one of the largest orchestras in Europe and one of the best. It was formed in 1904 by its 50 members after they had a dispute with the Queen's Hall Orchestra and decided to form their own orchestra, which they could govern themselves. Resident at the Barbican Center the orchestra plays both new and traditional music.

St Martin-in-the-Field - - St Martin-in-the-Field offers a wide range of concerts in the tranquil setting of the church. The lunch time concerts at 1.05pm are free of charge and are usually performed by students.

Ronnie Scotts - - Ronnie Scotts has been going for 40 years, located off Leicester Square it is twinned with another club in Birmingham. Most acts play for about a week, but be warned the music is great but the drinks are pricey!

Jazz Cafe - - The Jazz Cafe is located in Camden Town and has become one of the best venues in London not only for jazz but also for soul and funk. Don't be put off by the awful decor of the cafe the music makes up for it!


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