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Neighbourhoods in London

Each area has its own attractions, accommodation and work opportunities, as well as it's own unique ambience. This is why London has such a great cultural life such as the style of restaurants, pubs and bars, shopping and markets and live music venues.

The City of London

Commonly referred to as The City, London's financial district contains one of the world's largest concentrations of banks and insurance companies and is a hive of activity during business hours and deserted on weekends. Although mainly a business district, The City has several major attractions including St Pauls Cathedral, the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.

The West End

This is the area that most people talk about when they mean Central London. The area includes neighbourhoods such as Soho, Covent Garden and Bloomsbury. The main shopping streets are located here including Oxford and Regent Streets along with the major theatres and the bookshops of Charing Cross Road. Covent Garden is perhaps the most hip area of London with its market and loads of cool eateries and cafés and bars, pubs and live music venues. Landmarks in the West End include Piccadilly and Oxford Circuses, Leicester and Trafalgar Squares, along with the British Museum.

The West End has famous lively nightlife, which centres (for most visitors) around the maelstrom of Leicester Square - an international playground that many Londoners would never even consider visiting.

Westminster and Victoria

Within walking distance of Trafalgar Square, this is the administrative heart of the UK. It holds the Houses of Parliament, the Prime Ministers' residence on Downing Street, and New Scotland Yard along with Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. Further to the west, you'll find Buckingham Palace and a small cluster of budget hotels around Victoria Station.

Kensington, Chelsea and West London

Kensington, Chelsea and neighbouring Knightsbridge are traditionally known as London's most expensive addresses with loads of ritzy shops including the famous Harrods department store. Surprisingly this area is also home to most of London's hostels and budget hotels which are situated in Earls Court and neighbouring South Kensington. Many backpackers living in London rent flats and houses in Earls Court and the nearby western suburbs of Hammersmith and Acton. This area has a good selection of pubs with many of London's top museums situated in South Kensington. Other Landmarks include Hyde Park and Kensington Palace (Princess Diana's former residence).

Paddington, Bayswater and Notting Hill

The northern end of Hyde Park also has a number of hostels and budget hotels, particularly in the Bayswater area and around Paddington Station. Further to the west, you'll find Notting Hill with its famous annual street party and Portobello Road Market.

Camden and North London

Most people visit North London to hang out at Camden Town market, however North London also includes many great live music venues and some great pubs, both in Camden Town and Upper Street Islington.

The Docklands, Greenwich and the East End

The working class neighbourhoods to the east of The City have some fascinating sights, including the popular Jack the Ripper Walking Tour offering a different perspective of London. Further east, you'll find new developments at the Docklands, especially the area around Canary Wharf which is fast becoming a new centre for the financial and media industries. To the south of the Docklands, walk through the foot-tunnel under the Thames to suburban Greenwich which is famous for its history of time-keeping and navigation.

South London

The majority of South London's sights are clustered along the Thames, usually within walking distance of the busier areas to the north of the river. In addition to the riverfront promenade which runs from the Design Museum to Waterloo station, South London features William Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, the Imperial War Museum and further afield, Kew Gardens and Wimbledon.


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