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London City Guide

14 TOP attractions / Sightseeing
Despite London's vast size, most of the main tourist attractions are located in a relatively small area on the northern bank of the River Thames.
Tate Gallery of Modern Art | Tate Britain | Westminster Abbey | Covent Garden | Trafalgar Square | Buckingham Palace | Tower of London | St Paul's Cathedral | British Museum | Houses of Parliament & Big Ben | Victoria & Albert Museum | British Airways London Eye

General stores London may be the best for high street chains and department stores, but smaller independent shops still constitute much of its appeal.
Bookshops The Riverside Walk Market (10am-5pm Sat, Sun and irregular weekdays) on the South Bank under Waterloo Bridge has cheap paperbacks. Another fertile hunting ground in terms of second-hand bookshops is Charing Cross Road, WC2.
Fashion London's high-falutin', high-end, high-fashion clothing emporia tend to be concentrated in and around two main areas: Mayfair and Chelsea/South Kensington/Knightsbridge. more >>

Going out
London is famous for its theatres, and every night there are many to choose from, such as Antony and Cleopatra.
Theatres | Music halls | Cinema

Gardens & Parks
Some of the parks were created for royalty. Today, everyone can relax and enjoy the top green spots described here. >>

To understand the city, you have to know the character of the various neighbourhoods. Each area has its own attractions, accommodation and work opportunities, as well as it's own unique ambience. This is why London has such a great cultural life such as the style of restaurants, pubs and bars, shopping and markets and live music venues.>>

Best ways to travel
How do I get from my airport to town? How does the Tube (subway) work? Practical things to know before visiting London. >>

There are hundreds of hotels in London, and there is always one matching your level of comfort.
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What about tipping and dress code?
What is the currency and exchange rate?
Facts of London


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